Accounting for a Small Business – how hard is it really?

You may have decided to start your own business to follow what you are passionate about, pursue an opportunity that you have identified or have had to due to unforseen circumstances. Irrespective the reason, you need to wrap your head … Continue Reading

Your responsibilities when hiring staff

If you are about to hire your first staff member(s), here is a short write up about what you should be aware of. Employing/Contracting Staff Before you enter into any form of employment agreement, you must: Ensure they are allowed … Continue Reading

How do you know if your business is successful?

This might sound like a strange question, but business success can actually be quite tricky to determine. By way of example, my wife decided to embrace her newfound creative side and manufacture custom jewellery. The pieces were all amazing and … Continue Reading

The Emergence of the Gig Economy

There are a growing number of workers abandoning traditional 9 to 5 employment in favour of working independently on a task-by-task basis for various employers. Workers are looking for more flexible working arrangements in order to pursue what they want … Continue Reading

Get up to $10,000 subsidy for your intern

The Australian Government, through their ‘Youth Jobs PaTH (Prepare Trial Hire)’ programme are incentivising businesses to hire people by offering companies a free 4 to 12-week internship period (you receive $1,000 for hosting costs while the intern costs are covered … Continue Reading

Starting a new business? These are the registrations you need.

It is your responsibility when starting a new business, to ensure that you familiarise yourself with all the registrations that your business requires and then complete them. These registrations include: Australian Company Number (“ACN”) If you plan to run your … Continue Reading

Simpler BAS Reporting for Small Business

After receiving numerous complaints from small business that the information required in the GST submissions is too detailed, the Australian Tax Office (ATO) have decided to make reporting far simpler for businesses with estimated annual GST turnover below $10 million … Continue Reading

Cash flow causing sleepless nights

As a small business, finding more work keeps most of us awake at night and of those that are in the fortunate position of having more work than they can cope with, many spend nights thinking of how they will … Continue Reading

Is doing your admin ‘wasting your time’?

Ok, your typical workday starts early (in winter way too early – particularly if you’re a committed cyclist) and you have to sort kids/pets/partners out, before heading out into the traffic to start the day. After a welcome coffee and … Continue Reading