Setting up a Facebook Business Page

Whether you’re responding to customer feedback, nurturing prospects, sharing content, or simply informing some subset of Facebook’s 2 billion users what time your widget shop closes on Tuesday evenings, a Facebook Business Page is one of the most important online properties … Continue Reading

Accounting for a Small Business – how hard is it really?

You may have decided to start your own business to follow what you are passionate about, pursue an opportunity that you have identified or have had to due to unforseen circumstances. Irrespective the reason, you need to wrap your head … Continue Reading

Attention all female-led startups

Here is some more good news for ladies that are keen to start their own business. SheStarts, Australia’s only venture-backed tech accelerator, designed specifically for female entrepreneurs wants YOU. So if you are (or know) a lady with a concept … Continue Reading

Your responsibilities when hiring staff

If you are about to hire your first staff member(s), here is a short write up about what you should be aware of. Employing/Contracting Staff Before you enter into any form of employment agreement, you must: Ensure they are allowed … Continue Reading

Pricing your goods & services – are you getting it right?

The basic premise for going into business, is to make some money for whatever cause it is that drives you – whether it’s self-preservation or some desire to contribute to a cause. Very few businesses set out to lose money, … Continue Reading

The danger of poor cash flow management

Business coaches often discuss the importance of managing your Net Profit and whilst this is fundamental to the success of a business, understanding how your actions impact the Cash Flow of your business is sometimes even more important. Growth needs … Continue Reading

How do you know if your business is successful?

This might sound like a strange question, but business success can actually be quite tricky to determine. By way of example, my wife decided to embrace her newfound creative side and manufacture custom jewellery. The pieces were all amazing and … Continue Reading

The Emergence of the Gig Economy

There are a growing number of workers abandoning traditional 9 to 5 employment in favour of working independently on a task-by-task basis for various employers. Workers are looking for more flexible working arrangements in order to pursue what they want … Continue Reading

Employing a temporary foreign worker? What you need to know

When you employ a foreign worker, read about the things that you MUST do in order to avoid not complying with the law and getting heavily penalised. Register as an employer of working holidaymakers Once you have registered, all foreign … Continue Reading

Get up to $10,000 subsidy for your intern

The Australian Government, through their ‘Youth Jobs PaTH (Prepare Trial Hire)’ programme are incentivising businesses to hire people by offering companies a free 4 to 12-week internship period (you receive $1,000 for hosting costs while the intern costs are covered … Continue Reading